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A gorgeous fragrance for the classy elegant woman of a few words! An opening Lavender infused bergamot flow of blessings guide you through the Jasmine forrest of no return. After a dance with iris, the scent fades into a calm and soothing vanilla, supported by the muscular sandal wood foundation.

Perfume - Floral, Sweet and Woody Notes
All Season Fragrance
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Mood Season's rendition features the soothing and seductive, core creamy scent of vanilla coated in a diverse sugary rose and Musk which add another dimension drives the senses deep into an everlasting pool of subtle sensuality and incremental projection intensity thanks to an alternating cedar wood presence.
You want to feel Mysterious? This is the one.

Perfume  - Sweet, Vanilla and Woody Notes
All Season Fragrance
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Sensual Woman.png

An immediate explosion of a deep, dark and sensual presence instantly causing you to close your eyes and commence with an imagination of paradise. The scent opens with a Pear and Blackcurrant note already presented in a Jasmine and Orange blossom middle note package. Vanilla, Tonka bean and Praline made sure the floral iris note continuously comes back like it never left. Sensual woman, free and proud? This one is for you! - Please be careful!

Perfume - Sweet, Citrus and Woody Notes
Summer Fragrance
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Desire is one of the finest sensual and borderline edible fragrances in our range! A simple but effective mixture of fruity and sweet vibes each taking turns to present themselves in just the right doses to make anyone who smells want to fall deeper and deeper into your scent net.

Perfume - Sweet , Fruity and Amber Notes
Bed-time Fragrance
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